Buy a used car from an individual or a dealer?

The purchase of a used car depends on many factors, any buyer knows: vehicle price, guarantees, maintenance costs, particular needs, security, payment requirements … so, is it better to buy it from an individual or a dealer? Neither option is better than the other; however it is worth taking into account some ideas before launching to one or the other vendor

It is an appropriate option to buy used cars in Fontana?

Buying a used car always entails many decisions. One of them, often quite complex, is to choose between buying a used car from an individual, or doing it to an automotive company. Both options are good, as long as buyer and seller fulfill their obligations and are clear about their rights. Buying a private individual may not give the security that a car should give, however, it is usually cheaper to buy cars from the former. Deciding the price you will put on your car is your first step. You must get an idea of ​​the market price that is handled for cars similar to yours (brand, model, version, year, etc.), and for that we recommend you:

  • Ask for an appraisal to professionals of the field: mechanics, workshops, dealers, etc.
  • Check with the insurance companies to know the real value of the car in the market.
  • Check at various sales sites and check how much other owners ask for vehicles with similar characteristics
  • To set the final price, you should make an average of all the prices you have found, and so you will reach a reasonable price.

You should also consider these things to buy used cars in fontana:

  • Physical/mechanical state: the brand, the model, the year, equipment, mileage and maintenance and conservation status, among others.
  • “Legal” status: It is also a valuable fact that is to say if you have debts, if you were declared with “total loss” at some time, if you have had accidents, your previous uses and owners, etc.

All these characteristics will be important for the buyer, so that as a seller, you should have them clear and know why you are willing to compromise with the price and why not.

We buy your car, even if you do not buy from us

No matter the year, model or condition of your car, just fill out our online form, we will give you an honest assessment of the value of your car. This evaluation is available whether or not you buy a car with us. The buyers usually face some fears when buying a used car: that the purchased vehicle has faults or has an unknown past (since that implies more investment and problems in the future), that the seller does not offer any type of guarantee before a purchase so risky, that at the time of payment there is a scam … etc

And it is that by law, when dealing with the sale of a used item, the seller is not obliged to offer any legal guarantee. And in this aspect there are no differences between a dealer and a private seller. However, the laws protect the buyers and before making any transfer you must demand your rights. The Consumer Law establishes the right to have accurate and timely information about the goods and services offered. Despite this, not all people are equally transparent, for this reason used cars in fontana offers a great service to the buyer through its Report, which presents all the important information about the past of a car to increase the safety of the buyer. Go shopping. The used cars in fontana presents all the data: mileage, status of technical reviews, unpaid fines, theft order, if the car has declared total loss, owners’ history … and much more.

If you want to reduce the risk of buying a used car, get the used cars in fontana Report and make a safe purchase. In this way, if you get the report and also hire a mechanic to review the possible failures described in the report, you ensure that you will make a safe investment before making the purchase. However, although they are small, there are still differences between buying an individual or a dealer, so we have created this guide that can be very useful before choosing who you will make the transfer of your next car.

Budget : Confirm that the car you plan to purchase is within your budget.

Real needs : Analyze if you really need a large family car, with space in the trunk or if you only need a compact car to transport yourself.

Used car : Many people choose to buy a car that has been previously used but that remains in good condition.


Cost: It is much cheaper to buy a used car than a new car from the latest models.

Depreciation: The sensation of depreciation has been absorbed by the previous owner. So if you also decide to transfer it, there will not be much difference in the payment you gave. Used cars are despised gradually unlike new ones.

Maintenance: When the warranty has been expired, it will not be necessary to take it to the agency.

Aspects to consider buying used cars in fontana

In general, companies want to maintain their customers and for that they have to make sure they are selling a good product, so it is expected that the car will be in perfect condition to circulate. The automotive companies usually have more payment options than a private one. So, if your purchase depends on financing, you may be more interested in an automotive loan financing facilities that usually offer although they are not required, some automotive companies offer their own guarantees. This is an important aspect, since it denotes that they are sure of the product they are selling to you. The dealers offer, along with the sale of the vehicle, some extra services such as leaving in order all the papers and procedures, which is very positive if you do not have much time available, or do not know how to do it on your own.

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