7 Must-Have Home Decor Pieces

Decor pieces add beauty to your house. To be honest decor pieces are not a necessity. However, today they aren’t luxury as well. So here are some of the must-have decor pieces at home.


You will never how much beauty books add to your house until you actually have one. Depending on the number of the books you have at home and the books that you will potentially buy, get a bookshelf. Make to pick a designer piece and the one that suits your house. Bookshelves are one décor that is available in different types, sizes, colour and models. So you will have a large range of options to choose from.


Porter Floor Lamp:

Porter Floor Lamp is not only beautiful they are also vintage. They are pretty especially when you put them at night. It is more of a nightshade that a little taller than the usual ones. No matter what type of house you are in, or the size of the room a porter floor lamp will simply work anywhere and everywhere.

Chinese Garden Stool:

A Chinese Garden Stool has become a predominant décor piece in most places, and you can almost find them anywhere. Unlike the other things on the list, this is more specific décor piece. In case if you are looking forward to having a makeover that is creative and affordable then looking out for a Chinese garden stool is one of the great options.


Curtains are such a great beauty-addition to your house. Window treatments always add so much of delight and rich look to your house. The best thing about drapes is that they can be customised according to the liking of the user. They are also available in an ample number of colours and various sizes.


Artworks can be the ones that are either your personal ones or the ones that you buy outside. No matter what type of artwork it is, just one piece is enough to turn around the room and make it look 10 fold better than how it was before.  As a part of my personal note, I would like to state that, even if you are an average artist, make your own artwork and hang it in your room.

Mongolian Pillow:

The option for going out for a Mongolian Pillow can be quite an expensive option, but it is worth the money that you invest. They are fluffy and are a pretty great addition to your house. The best part of investing in this décor is that you can fit it anywhere, be it on a stool, on your sofa sets, or decorate your couch or bed. It can simply fit into any place.


Unlike what we believe, mirrors aren’t mundane décor products. Mirror will always be a vintage décor piece. In case if you find the round or the oval ones are regular go for other shapes and different sizes that fit your hall or room. You can also do some DIY decoration stuff and made it look even more beautiful.

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