Here are the best things a couple can do for quick weight loss

People have different opinions on whether it is a good idea to go on a weight loss mission together, as a couple. Some think it is already difficult enough to lose weight alone so we should definitely not pair with anyone. Some think it actually makes the whole weight loss process easier… Our take on this is: the more, the merrier! However, it is important, once you have decided to take up the amazing challenge of losing weight together as a couple, to follow some rules in order to make sure both of you get the most out of this experience and weight lose fast. Here are our tips for you:

  • Start by making it a habit to do the groceries together. When you start a diet on your own, it is definitely more difficult to keep up with your efforts because at some point, you will indulge in one thing or the other that your partner will be eating in front of you. If you both go on a diet together, things become a lot easier, since a lot of the temptation you may feel is reduced. As both of you have the same target, you should definitely do the groceries together. This will help you to figure out like Phenq what you should buy and eat during your diet. You may have different eating habits and preferences, and it is important to ensure that you both like what you eat, even when on a diet. Another advantage of doing the groceries together is that you can easily help each other to resist all the prohibited foods and drinks and make healthier choices.
  • Forget about junk food and start prioritizing your health. Junk food, processed food, restaurant food you get delivered, etc. are extremely bad for you, not only in terms of weight loss, but also in terms of good health. Try to fix yourself a long-term objective to ditch all the things that are not good for you. Try to understand that you both deserve to eat good food. Suppress sugar from your diet. If you can’t, at least reduce your consumption and replace it with brown sugar. Consume less salt. Do not even buy soft drinks. Think long-term. Your bodies will thank you later… your bodies deserve to be treated well. They often say, “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”. But we could even say: “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are”…
  • Start cooking together to make weight loss more fun. Don’t let your weight loss program bore you. If, in your couple, it is always the same one of you who cooks, try breaking this habit. Start cooking together, or helping each other at least. Definitely try to share this responsibility by fixing cooking days for each one of you, for instance. This way, each partner can enjoy new and different tastes, as well. After all, it is not an easy task to have to figure out the menu every day. Who wouldn’t like to occasionally have a little help? You diet should make you lose weight as fast as possible, but also bring you closer to each other and keep motivating you.
  • Start some physical activity together. Discuss your preferences and find an activity that would suit you both. If your partner likes having walks, but you prefer swimming, why not doing both together depending on the days of the week? If you can’t find a middle ground, the best option would be to go to the gym together or try Phenq, for example. The gym certainly offers different sorts of physical exercise and it could help you find additional motivation (especially if you choose the collective spinning classes which are an excellent means of burning A LOT of calories while being together and encouraging each other).
  • Encourage each other and compete with each other, in a healthy way. Do not get frustrated if your partner is losing weight faster than you, for instance. Compete with each other, bearing in mind that in the end, you are a team anyway. Being partners means being friends. And being friends means being able to be happy when the other one is succeeding in something.
  • Have enough sleep. Couples tend to develop unhealthy habits such as watching TV late, using phones and tabs in the bedroom, going to sleep at improper hours. Studies have shown that lack of sleep causes a person to consume 300-400 more calories on the next day. Keep your energy levels high by having enough sleep and by making sure your partner also gets enough sleep. This will prevent you from eating just for the sake of it, because you’re feeling “low”.

Don’t use your scale daily. This might get you worried if your weight loss slows down for some reason. Weigh yourself one or twice a week, not more. Otherwise, you will most probably be frustrated and feel like giving up. It is believed that using the scale too often actually makes you focus on your weight loss to such an extent that you no longer manage to focus on the efforts you need to make in order to achieve your goals.

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