Three Basic Types of Home Decorating Styles

Decorating the interior of the house is an art. Unless you do it flawlessly, it can disfigure the whole place and make it look awkward. This is the reason as to why we hire professionals to take care of the internal designing stuff. However we always love to add our touch of creativity. This is the reason why DIY started trending. So now as far as we know, there is this high designing fever, and people wish to know some of the major styles that will help them pick the right style for their house.

So the below-stated are the three major types:


The traditional or the conventional type of house designing styles is staying away from the modern housing styles and sticking to the age-old styles. Do not get mixed by with the vintage style. Yes, vintage is also old but as far as vintage is concerned the styles might be old but they are still preferred by all in the present. Unlike the contemporary models and designing styles that work in all countries, when it comes to the conventional pattern of decoration countries have their respective styles, and it changes from one place to the other.


Contemporary or the modern type of decorating styles are the ones that belong to the today’s sense of fashion. There are like so many designing and decorating styles and quite contrary to what we saw in the traditional type, and these designs do not stick to a country or a particular region. These designs have gone global. Who knows, the designer pieces that we celebrate here can be celebrated in the other part of the world as well. However, I still cannot take the country factor completely out of it. There are still designs that purely belong a particular region. Today’s contemporary becomes tomorrow’s conventional.



Since we have already given the global credits for contemporary style, I am looking for better words to express how much global the Eclectic styles have gone. No borders or boundaries can stop these decorating styles from reaching the global platform and for the same reason they are called Eclectic styles. In other words, if I have to explain the Eclectic decorating styles better, it is a collection of styles that you pick from a broad arena. Like you pick something very much European and mix it with some Chinese style and come out with a new style. It can either happen this way, or a particular design can automatically go global because if its beauty, affordability and acceptance by the folks of the nation.

So these are the 3 major styles that are present across the globe. Irrespective of the place and person, the style that you pick will seamlessly fall into any one of these categories. Read More

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