What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an extension of a private network across a public network and hence aids in transfer of information through and from these public networks as easily as the information sharing occurs between users connected to a private network. VPN provides the similar security and management levels as provided in general in the private networks and ask for user authentication of all forms- passwords, OTPs etc. to name a few- for the enhanced data security and prevent any loss of data from the unethical hackers. Similarly, best vpn for torrenting 2018 also work like the other VPNs with more of the focus towards the security and anonymity of the users.

The minor differences

The best vpn for torrenting 2018 differ from the conventional VPNs in terms of more focus towards anonymity and security of data transfer done by the user and are more about sharing files among peers and only trusted ones. This article discusses further about the desirable features of an ideal VPN and how can they be run at the optimal bandwidths without any compromise to the speed of download and amount of file shared in the torrent networks.

Features of an ideal vpn for torrenting

Although a major chuck of people uses the platform of Bit Torrent for a decentralized and P2P File sharing, still it poses a threat of exposing the IP address of a user downloading some content to the other users who download the same content. Hence here comes the role of best vpn for torrenting 2018 for providing an experience of anonymous torrenting and hiding the IP address from the other users. Following are some of the desirable features for an ideal VPN for torrenting: –

  • The VPN must have a fast connectivity to the servers and can gain access to the connection of any of the servers easily irrespective of the load or user traffic on the server. This reduces the lead time i.e. the time required for getting queued and then initiation of the download of a file in Torrent.
  • It must make the speed of downloading and uploading faster so as to provide the users with a seamless and slow-free experience of file downloading.
  • It must support sufficient bandwidth so that the users can enjoy uninterrupted downloading without having any tensions regarding the throttling of internet speed from the Internet Service provider due to exhaustion of the threshold quota for a day.
  • It must provide complete anonymity to the user in terms of masking his or her IP address during uploading or downloading over the torrent network. This provides the freedom of downloading anonymously and prevents the hackers from tracking the personal activity of the users.
  • It must have a good compatibility in all of the devices, be it laptop, desktop, android or IOS devices. This would ensure that one can enjoy the services of torrent easily from any of the compatible devices and have the perfect P2P file sharing.
  • It should have a precautionary feature of internet kill switch, by virtue of which if a user fails to get connected to a VPN then all of his or her existing networks get killed or deleted automatically and hence acts as a precautionary measure against any of the threats of data leakage or hackers.
  • There should be a facility of split tunnelling that channels the users only through the specific air traffic and filters out the unnecessary ones so as to have a P2P or encrypted data transfer and have a judicious use of the bandwidth.
  • The VPN should prevent all forms of online tracking by the user ISP by using the DNS Prevention Leak that routes back all of the user requests back to the VNS rather than the ISP.

Some of the best vpn for torrenting 2018

Based on the popular choice of the users, following are some of the best vpn for torrenting 2018: –

  • IPVanish – It is a US based brand that provides high speed, secured and unlimited bandwidth connection to the users and even allows them to access the restricted websites and all of these are provided at quite reasonable rates. It’s No Log policy, authentic encryption via OpenVPN and kill switch provides a complete privacy and data security to the users. It even has the scheme of 7-day money back guarantee in case of any customer dissatisfied with the service of the product.
  • Express VPN – It is a British origin company that provides fast and extremely high network speeds to its users. It is free of all of the stringent US regulatory laws and hence has an added advantage over the others in the market. Its excellent performance and license for P2P sharing of files makes it a popular choice amongst the users. It’s overprice might be a drawback for some of the users.
  • Me – Considered to be the fastest VPN for torrenting, this brand provides products that meet the performance levels of the users and have a high speed for uploading and downloading of the content. It has a simpler interface and its strict no logging forever policy added with OpenVPN protection make it a highly popular choice for 2018. The best of it is its 2 GB per month plan that offers a good use of the VPN.

Fair Warning!

However advantageous the concept of VPN might sound like, but still a user needs to have a pre-requisite on some of the following terms and conditions: –

  • Although Anonymous torrenting maintains a user privacy but still in no condition it should be used for violation of certain copyright laws as this brings a bad name to the digital media and upon being caught would earn a serious penalty.
  • Bit Torrenting is not illegal until and unless it does not violate the copyright laws of a digital media firm.
  • NAT Firewall in VPNs might filter off the unnecessary traffic in the network but it might create problems in P2P Networking due to blocking of the unauthorised connections.

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