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The SEO agencies are one of the most requested companies in the world of digital business. Its usefulness escapes all limits and there are not a few people who leave everything in their hands. In spite of this, there are always those who still do not know these advantages in detail. Beyond the advantages are multiple, the importance of hiring an SEO agency is measured by the results and, above all, by comparing these results with respect to a craft work done by the owner of the website. Watch out for more about SEO!

Although SEO is a world where the guarantees of success do not escape being approximations and that can go well or badly in an artisanal way, the surest thing that can be to achieve success in an SEO campaign is by hiring people. Who work full time in these hyper-specialized tasks? Here, the importance of hiring them. They are professionals in your area It is not the same for a person with knowledge of SEO, like most of the owners of web pages, that a team of SEO professionals, who live and breathe this knowledge. Obviously, it is to improve the results in Google, it is about giving visibility to your company through Google. The work of SEO is a set of several tasks, and it is not worth being excellent in one and not doing the rest of tasks.

It is about performing many actions a little better than your competition. Look for more about SEO! For example, no matter how well SEO is done on the page, if you do not work link building it is very complicated to the position. Or nothing is worth doing everything very well if the web takes more than 10 seconds to load.

Tasks that an SEO positioning company must perform

There are many tasks that are necessary to perform in a web if you want to appear in the top positions of Google; this is the job you will have to do a web positioning company.

WPO (Web Performance Optimization)

It is important that the web load fast, with a fast web you will get a better user response, your visitors will spend more time on your website and visit more pages. To date, possibly the user response is one of the factors that Google has most in mind.

Structures of the URLS

Having friendly URLs is another important factor that must be taken into account and that any positioning company should review. We have done many tests on this topic, you can read more about this, in our article of friendly URLs.

Web Architecture

It is important to have a good structure on the web, clear and simple so that Google robots can easily track it and especially so that visitors quickly find what they are looking for, a good example could be the following:

Internal links

Linking correctly every page of the web is essential to get the coveted # 1 position in Google. It is necessary to make a good study of internal links. It usually coincides that the page that receives the most internal links, is the one that is best positioned. Stay tuned for learning more about SEO.

Sitemap.xml and robots.txt

A good configuration of these 2 files helps the spiders of Google to correctly track your website. A good SEO company should optimize these 2 files correctly.


It is necessary to optimize the web so that it does not make a single error, either of type 404 or 500 or even eliminating all broken links to external websites. An SEO agency must have the appropriate software to perform these types of tasks automatically.

User Response

It is very important to analyze how a user responds, his bounce rate, his browsing time, number of pages he visits, etc. These data are practically the only ones that cannot be cheated, for this reason for Google is the most important factor of positioning in 2017.

Construction of incoming links

A good positioning company has to design a good strategy of incoming links and be totally transparent showing you every link you get. According to the studies we have done, this is the point where most SEO agencies fail most, either due to lack of resources or because their prices are so cheap that it is impossible for them to divert a link building match. Without links, you cannot position yourself unless your competition is nonexistent. Learn more about SEO.

Duplicate content

This is another point to review, it seems obvious but not everyone is so clear. There can be no duplicate content, you cannot copy content to another web if you want to appear on Google and you must not have 2 pages with the same content, if it is necessary to have pages with duplicate content, you must use the “canonical” label.

Optimization of images

We have the premise that there should be no image that occupies more than 30kb and in turn should be clear and not are pixelated. You can read this really interesting citizen 2.0 article about the images and screenshots used in a blog.

Meta-title and meta-description

A good Meta title and a good description with the right words will help to increase the CTR in Google apart from the positioning if we include the appropriate keywords in these goals.


Each page and article must be well optimized, with the correct keyword density, the maximum number of synonyms and possible related keywords as well as a good use of titles (H1, H2, etc). If you want to know more about this topic, you can read our article on SEO on Page.

Keyword research

Surely very often you are assailed by the doubt about what to write on the blog of the company. You can also delegate this task to an SEO company. Check out more about SEO. The return on investment that you dedicate to SEO can be very high if you choose the right company, another option is to learn on your own and try to position your business, although surely you have many things to do every day to devote to more tasks. As always, if you have any questions, just leave a comment.

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