What to know about Cordless drill

A drill to start with can be defined as a tool that is equipped with cutting tool or driving tool and used for drilling holes in various surfaces or to fasten different materials all together.. There are a lot of types with good features in cordless drill depending on the type and each type has its unique features. Click here if you want to know more about them.

Types of cordless drill

There are many types of cordless drill and each has its properties depending on the one customer order for. Here are some of them:

  • Cordless Drill-drivers: This is the commonest and most popular as well. These are considered best for households where usually the work is lighter. These are also used in the construction and maintenance jobs. The features include 3/8 or 1 /2 chuck that makes it easier to drill holes on walls. Small projects and home maintenance tasks are well handled by 3/8 chuck where as 1 /2 chuck is more appropriate for heavier duty.
  • Wireless compact drills: It is like a small version of drill drivers and is very light in weight as well as compact in size. It is useful for areas that are hard to reach or have tight space. It can handle only light work. These are so compact that you can even keep them in your pocket. It is very easy to use them and manage them that makes them very popular among users. They are best for tasks that do not involve hard to drill surfaces and other small tasks in houses. Since they are very small in size you can use them in areas where it will be difficult to drill holes with other types of drill machines.
  • Impact Divers: for driving of automobile bolts and nuts, impact drivers are the best suitable for the work and are commonly used by the automobile technicians. This device is designed focusing mainly for driving, it is not at all suitable to drill hole on wooden surfaces because there are features of clutching settings, torque settings, different transmission rates in different models. This is what makes impact divers perfect for drilling and driving jobs
  • Hammer Drills: this cordless drill is famous for its unique features, it can also be termed as the big boy’cordless drill. This drill is designed mainly for tough jobs like concrete jobs, boring holes and lightweight masonry work. Hammer Drill is used for construction related projects and it has the capacity to provide the power and torque required to perform toughest jobs. Some of hammer drill are identical to their tethered equivalent, and also promoting durability and providing more power.

There are many types of a cordless drill, some are listed above and below are the common ones used:

  • DDH181X: this drill has 18V Brute Tough with active response technology. The products are designed to reduce the risk of injury from kickback or bind-up situations with kick backs control which will protect the user from injury, the tool is designed to shut down itself when a potentially dangerous torque reaction occurs. It also has the bosh engineered 4-pole motor which provides 708 in/Ibs or torque which makes it more powerful and efficient for drilling a broad range of torque bits such as spades and augers.This product also has a built-in LED light that illuminates the workspace for optimal visibility, it is also compatible with all Bosch 18 V Lithium-ion batteries and chargers for maximum versatility. The battery is a cool pack technology with integrates advanced heat conductive housing to keep the battery cooler and extend the life.Below is the list of some of the products specifications:
    1. Battery chemistry- lithium ion
    2. Battery Voltage- 8
    3. Height- 8.0”
    4. Length- 8.25”
    5. Weight- 4.75ib
  • ADS181: This is a right angle drill with L-BOXX2. It has the best-in-class chuck capacity, up to 60% more torque, 1/ 2ln ratcheting chuck which provides maximum range of applications from drilling to driving. It is extremely slim and, it also has a soft grip which provides the user maximum comfort and control in drilling and driving applications and the compact head length make the products ideal for working in light spaces. Below are some of the specifications of the product:
  1. Battery-lithium-ion Battery
  2. Battery voltage- 18
  • Height- 13.0”
  1. Weight- 3.7lb
  2. Width- 2.2”
  • DDS182: This is an excellent product that gives unmatched performance to its users. It has advanced level EC brushless motor that enhances its life to a great extent. The customized protection system for the motor provides it protection against overload and makes it durable. There is hardly any maintenance required for the motor. It has a trigger that can be used at different speeds 18+1 clutch settings to enhance versatility. It has magnetic tour tip holder that makes it more efficient for the work and belt clip allows to store it easily when it is not in use. Here are some of the specs:
  1. Battery chemistry – lithium ion
  2. Battery voltage – 18
  • Height- 7.75”
  1. Length- 7.0”
  2. Weight- 3.5lb
  • DDH361-01: this tool is a feature with a tool having power like corded drill and battery runs for long time, plus two 36Vchargers; its features make it perfect to handle tough and heavy jobs related to driving and drilling. It has mighty four-pole motor, the tool can produce 885ln- Lbs. of torque, it also provides high power or high-speed setting, it also has an electronic sensor to detect and protect danger and kick back control. This tool also kit features two 36V 4.0 ah fat pack batteries that run for long duration and an 18-36vv dual charger. Below are some of the specs:
  1. Battery chemistry_ lithium ion
  2. Battery voltage- 36
  • Battery/charger- included
  1. Chuck design- keyless
  2. Weight- 4.0”
  3. Length- 9.75”
  • Torque (Ln. lbs.)- 885

Advantages of cordless drill

  1. The fact that they are cordless gives the user the right to take it to anywhere to work
  2. Despite the extra battery in it, they are generally lighter than the corded drill
  3. The battery attached to them are long lasting and consume very low battery while on

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